A Costume Conundrum

Not a nurse, not a barmaid
not a cavegirl, not a hooker
not a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader
not a flapper, not a geisha
not a wench, not a mermaid
not a vampire

Not Pocahontas, not Marilyn
not Sandy, not Rizzo
not Daisy Duke
not Daphne, not Jeannie
not Ginger, not Mary Ann,
not Pinki Tuscadero

Not Wonderwoman, not Catwoman
not Supergirl, not Batgirl
not Little Red Riding Hood
not Snow White, not Sleeping Beauty,
not Rapunzel, not Lady Godiva,
not Cleopatra,

No Sexy Slut

Instead Affleck   The Town
bag   money   mask   Ledger’s  Joker
long pants, long sleeve shirt
down vest skullcap leg holster
men’s boots      all black       covered
head to toe

Bank Robber

Even so, the voices spoke
Oooh. Swat Sexy. Hot.
I’ll be your prisoner, rob me anytime.
Thought you were a man, still hot.
I’d get on my knees for you.
Dig diamonds. It sexy suits you.

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