In the Beginning

Poem originally published under the name Marla Carlton on September 23, 2016 in Rat’s Ass Review Love  and Ensuing Madness


Play me, Tempt me, Pursue me
Go ahead. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. I am here for your enjoyment.
I won’t break. 
I’ll come when you call. I’ll jump at the chance. I’ll enjoy the challenge.
I won’t refuse. 
This is the fun part. I’m a good sport. I won’t disappoint. I want to be better.
I won’t fall. 

Love Me. Fuck Me. Beat Me
I thought we were playing? I didn’t mean to upset you. Let’s do that again?
I won’t bleed. 
Is that all there is? I was expecting more. Can’t we continue?
I won’t crumble. 
I didn’t mean to make you angry. I am new to this. I want to have fun. Try new things.
I don’t like rules. It’s just the beginning. Have some patience.
I won’t succumb. 

Strangle me, Betray me, Condemn me
Take my dignity, my hope, my world. I don’t need your forgiveness.
I won’t choke. 
Be my guest. I’m ready when you are. Again and again and again and again.
I won’t die. 
I will rise up. I will fight. I will claim what is mine.
I am spawn of dust, creator of all, without me, you are nothing.
Get on your knees and pray. 


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